What My People Say

“Emma makes proofreading exciting. She strikes the perfect balance between professional and personable. She's incredibly knowledgeable, and she generously shares her knowledge as if she's trying to teach herself out of a job. She's wonderfully thorough, not just in checking details and eliminating errors, but also in explaining the reasoning behind her corrections so that her client can learn from the process. I'm thrilled with the quality of Emma's service, and I genuinely enjoyed the experience of working with her. She's a wonderful person to have on your manuscript's side.”
"Emma didn't rip through my work with a callous eye and merciless red pen. She took the time to explain my worst punctuation missteps, not only correcting them but helping me understand what I was doing so I wouldn't make the same mistakes again. Her off-the-cuff knowledge of punctuation and grammar is seriously impressive (I had no idea there was so much to a simple hyphen), and her work is timely, efficient, and precise. Not only did I come away with a squeaky-clean piece of writing ready to be sent into the world, but some extra head knowledge to boot."
"Emma was very friendly and easy to work with. She accomplished proofreading well within the timeline we'd set up together and did an excellent job of catching the little, annoying grammar and spelling mistakes I always miss."
"Emma Flournoy is a very conscientious proofreader. She filters every sentence thoroughly and is not afraid to correct your work in a professional manner. For persons in the beginning field of writing to the advanced level, she has the ability to do your valuable work of writing justice. She does her proofreading in a timely manner. This can be important for writers of blogs because of their time oriented schedules. Her fees are reasonable to her knowledge she brings to your works of writing. I would give her a five star rating if she asked me to, but she wouldn’t ask me for that request. All she would want from me is my trust in her to do me an excellent job! Which she has achieved in my past and also in my future."
writer of children's stories
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"Emma went beyond the call of duty in making sure that my booklet was ready to be published. I loved her encouraging comments and how she gently explained things, providing links and citing sources so that I could deepen my grasp on grammar rules."
"As an editor and proofreader, I knew I needed a second pair of eyes for my business documents. Emma blew me away. She was fast, left thoughtful comments, was kind, caught issues I'd missed, was able to explain the 'why' behind each correction, really knows what she's talking about when it comes to grammar and consistency, and listened to my preferences. She earned every penny and more!"
"When I was looking for a proofreader, I wanted someone thorough. I knew the price would be expensive, which is fine if I feel like I’m getting a good value. Emma exceeded all my expectations. I feel confident that I have had the most thorough proofreading edits applied to my manuscript. She is worth every cent I paid. She works well with your vision for your manuscript while also explaining the standard and giving her suggestions. And her attention to detail is stellar. (I doubt I would ever give any attention to whether a quotation mark with italicized text should also be italicized too—maybe a reader wouldn’t either—but she catches those things and my confidence level in a truly error-free manuscript went way up.) Precision Proofreads is absolutely the perfect way to describe her work. I highly recommend her and think you’ll be delighted with your final product."
“Emma is very easy and pleasant to work with! She was very detailed and precise in her work. I was very impressed with the effort she put forth. Highly recommend!”
Kim Hendricks
Grace Homeschool Group administrator
“With an eye for detail and refreshingly prompt communication, Emma Flournoy proved herself to be an excellent proofreader, and one I would recommend without reservation.”