Ready to publish?

I’m a final set of eyes on your text before its release—banishing sneaky typos so your story can take center stage.

Gain Peace of Mind

Issues with spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency: they’re little things you know to watch for that somehow slip through anyway. Especially when you’ve been over your writing dozens of times—your eyes are numb to it. Even if you’re great with details, errors likely won’t register anymore.
But I’m a new pair of eyes! A fresh perspective, and specifically trained to proofread. I’d love to help establish peace of mind regarding the error quantity in your text.

Build Credibility and Quality

We probably all know what it’s like to be reading something—whether it’s a novel, an essay, or an advertising label—and come across a typo. It trips up our focus, distracting us from the information or art of the words at hand, and feels icky besides. Furthermore, it can damage the credibility of the writer: What else might be lacking if basic technical details weren’t taken care of?
In order for your writing to be at its best and have its intended effect on your readers, proofreading is essential. 

Get Thee to a Proofreader

You’ve done the hard work of writing and editing. You’re almost there! This is where I come in. 
I’m Emma: bibliophile, compulsive ponderer, and details freak, among other things. I’ve grown up on books, and find few pursuits more agreeable than contemplating words and the meaning behind them, especially when they’re written with conviction, skill, and heart. 
I thought I’d turn that, paired with my love of details, into a business where I can help writers excel and keep typos unemployed. 
Learn more below and on the following pages!


I provide a pair of careful eyes on your text to spot and remove final unseen errors and streamline internal consistency.


I offer a regular rate of $0.01 per word, which is $10 per 1,000 words. Enter the word count of your text to get an instant quote!


Emma Flournoy, at your service. I enjoy many things, including but not limited to reading, thinking, and obsessing over details.

Do you have your words ready? A book? A poem? A fascinating article? I’m ready to take on the details and ensure what’s in focus is your writing, not insidious errors.

I’d love to do a free sample proofread on an up-to-one-thousand-word piece of your writing.


Hit me up with questions, requests, or geeky ramblings!

If you’re ready for proofreading, contact me with more information and let’s hash things out. 

Terms of Service

It would, unfortunately, be inaccurate for proofreaders to promise we’ll catch every single error (particularly in longer projects). It’s a possibility, but unrealistic to guarantee! I can and do, however, promise my utmost, and that your text will be remarkably cleaner than it was. Thoroughness is my jam, and if by my life or death I can banish typos, I will.

I reserve the right to reject any project on the basis of content, conflicting schedules, or personal unspecified objections. I don’t accept anything containing sexually explicit material, gratuitous or unnecessarily graphic depictions of violence, or extensive profanity. Feel free to contact me if you’re not sure about where your content falls, and thank you for understanding.